Emissions Testing at Jim's Auto

emissions test

Our service continues to impress. Many of our new customers have found out about us from friends and family. We are certain that after using our service you will be recommending us to others as well!

Jim's Auto can provide an emissions test on a variety of different car makes and models. If we are unable to service your particular vehicle, then we will be happy to point you in the direction of a garage that can.

An emissions test at Jim's Auto is $25. If your vehicle fails the test, then Jim's Auto will provide another test free of charge. We can provide this second test up to 60 days after the first. This is a service that many of our competitors are unable to match.

The state of Utah has the following law in relation to the frequency of an emissions test.

• Any vehicle less than 2 years old is exempt from emission tests.
• All vehicles between 2 and 6 years must have an emissions test done every two years. Vehicles with an even numbered model year should have the test in an even numbered year, whilst those in an odd numbered model year should have the test in an odd numbered year.
• Vehicles older than 6 years old need to have an emissions test every year.

An emissions test is a legal requirement, and Jim's Auto will work to ensure that the process is completed thoroughly, quickly, and with the minimum of fuss. Our competitively priced service is $25 - considerably cheaper than many of our competitors.

At Jim's Auto, we are experts in what we do. We know the early signs of failure - for instance, an engine check light that is lit up will soon lead to an automatic emissions failure. If this happens we will advise on the best cause of action, repair where possible, or at the very least, point you in the right direction to get the vehicle serviced. Of course, when your car is ready for another emissions test, we can provide that free of charge, providing it is done within 60 days.


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