Safety Inspections at Jim's Auto

safety inspections

All vehicles in the state of Utah need to undergo a periodic safety inspection to ensure that they are roadworthy and safe to drive. A safety inspection may be made no longer than two months prior the renewal of registration of the vehicle. There are particular rules for safety inspections depending on the age of the vehicle. Please check the Utah State Motor Vehicle Division web-site for further information.

Regular safety inspections are required by Utah state law. At Jim's Auto Repair, we are able to provide a competitively priced and professional service that adheres to all current legislation and ensures that your vehicle is safe to drive. Our emissions testing and safety inspections are competitively priced at only $35 and safety-only inspection at $15.

Emission failures will make your engine check light illuminate or light up. 1996 and newer cars and trucks do their own emissions test as you drive them if the light comes on it will not pass emissions test.

#1 reason gas cap if you leave your gas cap loose or off. The engine check light will come on.

#2 misfires If you do not change spark plugs and wires. The engine check will come on.

#3 0/2 sensor

0/2 sensor check how much oxygen in the exhaust. 0/2 sensor do wear out they make their own voltage so they get lazy or slow.

#4 catalytic converter

The catalytic converter's job is to burn the gases that engine does not. But if it feeds it too much it burns them out. Misfires are number one cause for cat failure. Number two is fuel filter or lean bank code.(0/2 sensor)

#5 EGR

EGR let exhaust gas into combustion chamber to cool it. But exhaust gas is dirt gas so you clogs our carbon in your intake manifold exhaust.


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